Visiting foreign reserchers in Visiting Faculty Position at Institute for Geothermal Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Name Nationality Term Subject
R.G. Allis New Zealand 1988.2.20-1988.5.31 Study on the geothermal structure and the motion of geothermal fluid in Beppu area
H. Traineau France 1989.1.1-1989.5.1 Study of geothermal alteration of rocks in northern part of Beppu
M.K. Stewart New Zealand 1989.5.2-1989.8.1 Stable isotopic study of geothermal fluid in Beppu
W.A. Elders United States of America 1989.8.15-1989.12.14 Radon study in the Beppu geothermal system
P.A. Meyers United States of America 1990.4.1-1990.6.30 Natural transition of environment in the Southwest Japan
G. Gianelli Italy 1990.8.1-1990.10.31 Hydrothermal alteration of rocks in the soutern part of Beppu
I. Graham New Zealand 1991.7.1-1991.10.31 Geochemistry and isotopic composition of volcanic rocks in the Central Kyushu
E. Holzbecher Germany 1992.3.1-1993.2.28 Modelling of geothermal fluid flow in the Beppu geothermal system
P.J.J. Kamp New Zealand 1993.3.1-1993.6.30 Thermal and tectonic history of Hohi volcanic zone, Central Kyushu by fission track analysis
W.A. Elders United States of America 1993.7.2-1994.3.31 Petrological and geochemical study of the hydrothermal alteration in the Beppu and the Central Kyushu area
N.C. Sturchio United States of America 1994.7.25-1994.10.24 Isotope geochemistry of thermal waters in the Central Kyushu
T.M. Hunt New Zealand 1994.11.16-1995.5.15 Study of gravity anomaly in the Beppu geothermal area
A.W. Hurst New Zealand 1995.12.23-1996.6.22 Study of volcanic and geothermal activities in the Central Kyushu
A.W. Hurst New Zealand 1996.6.23-1996.11.22 Study of volcanic earthquake at Kuju Volcanoes
M.A. Garces United States of America 1998.2.21-1998.8.20 Study on the genaration and propagation of seismoacoustic waves in volcanoes
J. P. Matthews United Kingdom 1999.4.1-2000.3.31 Study of Kyushu volcanoes and other geophysical phenomena using high spatial resolution remote sensing techniques
U. Fehn Germany 2000.4.1-2000.9.30 Determination of I-129 in geothermal and volcanic waters in Japan: a search for the presence of marine sediments in subduction zones
G. Thompson United Kingdom 2000.10.1-2001.9.30 Evolution of the deep mantle inferred from Re-Pt-Os isotopes
A.W. Hurst New Zealand 2001.10.1-2002.9.30 Behaviour of seismicity,deformation and thermal conditions of active volcanoes
C. Chen Taiwan 2002.10.1-2003.9.30 Magma generation in northern Ryukyu volcanic front
Jiang Du China 2003.10.1-2004.9.30 Geochemical comparison between geothermal fluid in active volcanic zone at Kyusu and those in China continent
Yong Lai China 2004.10.21-2005.9.30 Fluid inclusion study on mantle xenoliths and eclogites in Eastern Asia: its implication of the evolution of mantle fluid and the geodynamic processes of plate subduction
Wahyu Srigtomo Indonesia 2005.10.1- 2006.9.30 Resistivity structure of volcano and its implications to diffusion of volatile elements around volcanoes from magma
Hassan Helmy Egypt 2006.10.1-2007.9.30 Examination of the deep levels of Precambrian island arcs: evidence from Alaskan-type complexes from Egypt
N. P. Singh India 2008.5.12-2008.8.24 Development of Interpretation techniques for EM/ TEM surveys over volcanic areas
C. Chen Taiwan 2008.10.1-2009.3.31 Physical and Chemical Investigations of Pumice Clasts: Apply to Eruptive Styles of the Aso-4 and Aira Caldera Eruptions in Kyushu, Southwestern Japan
J. Holloway United States of America 2009.4.1-2009.9.30 Source of CO2 in Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmas
Jerry P. Fairly United States of America 2009.10.1-2010.3.31 Hydrothermal systems associated with volcanic activity in Central Kyushu
Kang-Min Yu Korea 2010.12.20-2011.5.20 Sedimentological and tephrostratigraphical study of the Holocene sediments within the Beppu Graben, central Kyushu, Japan
Jun Korenaga United States of America 2011.12.5 -2012.6.30 The physics and chemistry of magma ocean, and long-term earth evolution
Hassan A.E. Ibrahim Egypt 2012.10.1-2012.12.31 Geochemical and isotopic study on the origin and geodynamic evolution of the Dokhan Volcanics, Egypt
Hassan M. Helmy Egypt 2013.10.1-2014.9.30 Evolution of the sub-continental lithosphere of the Red Sea region: evidence from isotopic and geochemical systematics in Mesozoic-Tertiary basalts
Corrado Cigolini Italy 2014.10.15-2015.5.31 Thermobarometric study of basaltic magmas associated with Strombolian eruptions and radon surveys at Aso Volcano
Sheng-Rong Song Taiwan 2015.6.15-2015.9.15 Comparing the characteristics of phreatic explosion deposits in the Aso Volcano (Japan) and the Tatun Volcano Group (Taiwan) and Study of oxygen isotopic geothermometry and fluid source in the northern Kyushu Geothermal Fields
Susanne Martina Straub United States of America 2015.10.1-2016.9.30 Towards the Quantification of Arc Magmatic Fluxes
Corrado Cigolini Italy 2017.6.25-2017.9.25 Studies on magma dynamics and degassing processes at Aso Volcano
Daniele L. Pinti Italy 2018.6.1-2018.8.31 Physical effects on boiling fractionation in geothermal exploitation at Beppu area
37 in total